Posting Rules:

We encourage all our Engineers,Professional and Skilled other skilled personnel to adhere to the general rules when posting ads on our platform. The following rules  listed below should be maintained.

  • Posting ads in categories that is not appropriate, or posting the same item or service in more than one category without deleting the first post, or posting the same ad in multiple cities on the Site.
  • Posting adult content or explicit adult material unless:Any such material must be specifically permitted in designated matrimonial categories and permitted under applicable law.You are at least 18 years of age or older and not considered to be a minor in your state of residence.
  • Posting, anywhere on the Site, porn images, obscene or graphics or photographs which depict genitalia or actual or simulated sexual acts.
  • Posting or solicitation directly or indirectly for any illegal service, exchanging sexual favors for money or other valuable consideration;posting any material on the Site that exploits minors in any way; posting any material on the Onemanbid items that constitutes or assists in human trafficking.
  • Posting anywhere in our site in order to perfect fraud,scam, money laundering or the like;posting any ad for products or services which the use or sale is prohibited by law.
  • Sending mails, e-mail, voice messages or faxes for solicitation of any other product, or service to a user of the Site without the user has granting such permission .
  • Deleting or revising any material posted by any other user.
  • Posting free ads that promotes links to commercial services or web sites except in areas of the Site where such ads are expressly permitted.
  • You agree that any ads or messages you post, transmit, or advertise on public areas Website will be considered and treated as non-confidential and non-proprietary to you.
  • You also do understand and agree that any such ads and messages may be used by us or (our affiliates), without review or approval by you, for any purpose and in any medium, including our print media, if any.
  • Any material or information posted on our website is the responsibility of the person or persons that posted such information.
  • We shall have the right, but not the obligation to move an ad or posting to another section or category within the classifieds. We can also refuse, edit or delete any ad or information if we believe there is any reason to do that.
  • We agree that we or (our affiliates) shall have the irrevocable right to use and/or edit your ads and messages, without review or your approval, for any purpose which will help the services we provide to you or any of other customer or affiliates. These rights includes:  publication, reproduction, transmission, disclosure, broadcasting, posting, and advertising in any media in as long as we deem fit without notice or compensation to you.
  • You agree that all posted ads are not in violation to any applicable laws and not referring to illegal, racist, sectarian, pedophile practices, etc.
  • You agree that you know the consequences and dangers of that may come as a result of any ads you post on our site which may contradict the applicable laws of the counties, regions, state or federal, and you are therefore ready to face whatever charges that such offense may attract.
  • You have agrees that our Admin team will not be responsible for any ad you have posted which have breached our terms and conditions or that which is against the government’s applicable laws.
  • You acknowledge and agree that you will not submit or post any ad which discriminates based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, family status and disability, etc. Any of the above mentioned areas should be reported to (….) Ltd. To report such ad, please click on “Report this Ad” link located on the ad page. You understand that we shall have the right, but not the obligation, to remove, edit or delete any ad as the case may be.
  • Advertising or dealing with firearms or weapons including any type of sharp objects are prohibited in Sites. You are solely responsible for complying with any and all laws and/or regulations applicable to the transfer of firearms under both applicable local, state and federal laws. The transfer of firearms is heavily regulated and restricted, and failure to strictly comply with all such laws is a serious crime and may result in criminal prosecution. All transfers of firearms, whether by sale, lease or loan, including private transactions, must go through a licensed firearms dealer.

 Termination of Access:

  • We reserve the right to terminate your access on our website if believe you have violated any of our terms and conditions or that of our affiliates.
  • You agree that we shall not be held liable for such termination and should only try return to use our website or service when we have given you the permission to do so.