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We pay out cash to people for every referral they bring, who registers or posts projects on our platform .

Onemanbid Affiliate program offers some percentage (%) or commission to every customer you bring, who successfully registers, posts a listing on our platform or get hired by a Service provider.

All you have to do is refer the customer to from your own website or via your Unique Affiliate ID you will receive in your email address once you register.

How it works…

Adding your first affiliate link to your website will take less than 5 minutes. The steps are simple and described below:

  • Step 1 : create an account on (if you haven’t already done so)
  • Step 2 : Log in
  • Step 3: Click on the menu “Your account -> Affiliate” (this menu is only displayed if you’re logged in)
    In this area, you’ll be able to see your affiliate ID, enter your PayPal e-mail address, see the orders corresponding to your affiliate ID, etc.
    That will definitely be your central place to see what’s going on…
  • Step 4 : Add a referral link to our website, including your affiliate ID (you’ll find some examples in your affiliate area).
    Replace “{your_affiliate_id}” with your own affiliate ID ! (the examples in your affiliate area already display the link with your own affiliate ID)
  • Step 5 : You don’t have to do anything else, you’re done ! Just sit back and earn some extra income through the Affiliate program!

The Affiliate program will detect each click generated by your affiliate ID and store a cookie in the visitor’s computer. If the customer registers through that affiliate link assigned to you, we will verify the customer’s mobile as well as email address and once that is done, you will get paid for each customer that came through you within 30 days of the customer’s registration!

Similarly, every customer will be paid if they bring other customers to through their affiliate ID.

We keep track of all the customers referred to us by any affiliate customer.We also track the most recent clicks and you can see them on your own affiliate area (it’s an easy way to make sure the link you added on your website is working properly).

How much will you get paid?

You will get ₦150 ( One Hundred and Fifty Naira) per customer that registers through you on and for every person your primary referrals brings who successfully registers on our platform, which you can refer to as your secondary referrals – you will also get a payment of ₦30.00 (Thirty Naira) credited to your account. The third Affiliate referral will be paid at ₦10.00 (Ten Naira)

Example: Paul registers to affiliate programs and receives his Unique ID and then places that ID on his website or shares it amongst his social media friends and 1000 customers registers on our platform through Paul’s referral, then we will credit Paul’s account with ₦150,000 (One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira) from his first primary referrals plus payments from whatever number of secondary referral he makes.

How will you get paid?

For the moment, we pay all our affiliate marketers via PayPal or bank transfer. You will need to send us your PayPal ID or Account No in addition with your Unique Affiliate ID to

When will you get paid?

Each payment will be received 30 days after the successful registration.

We apply a minimum payment amount, which is ₦15,000.00 (Fifteen Thousand Naira) or $75 (75 USD), so you have to accumulate traffic(i.e – you referrals) until you reach the minimum. You will be paid in the currency exchange of your choice with regards to the mentioned amount.

To find out more please join our affiliate program through this registration form or sign in and start making money.

By Signing up, you indicate that you have read and agreed to the Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions.

Should you require more information, please email us at: 






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