www.onemanbid.com is an online Bidding Portal as well as a next generation of free online platform for  project listing and bidding in Nigeria. This responsive online platform comes with a lot of features including Feedback and rating features which boost the portfolio and experience of the service providers and also  with features that will provide all of our users, the satisfaction, safety and comfort on the platform.

We pride ourselves with customer care, providing a simple solution to all the issues with online hiring of service Engineers,Builders as well as all skilled workers and professional in different sectors. Our focus is to continue to serve you within and outside your community with the provision of a platform to advertise or market your potential or services. You will be able to meet new skilled Contractors and Engineers and business contacts through the services that we offer.

We are a privately held limited business and provides you with rich features where you can do the following:

  • Advertise your skills and services including  professional skills and experience.
  • Manage your Ads.
  • Display your Ads on your social networking profile (Facebook, Twitter,Google Plus, and Pinterest)
  • Browse the site from your mobile devices.
  • View all the Ads in your State or Local Government Area as well as Ads from other regions.

www.onemanbid.com is expanding its roots to other regions. The expansion is to make sure that many regions are  provided with this unique and special services. The company, though has been nurtured for a long time and we think this is the time to boost the earnings of our ever cherished users.